Big Man on Campus

In 1878, Manchester United became an established football club. While they are now known as Manchester United, they used to be nicknamed The Red Devils. Their current stadium is Old Trafford, and they play for England in the Premier League. Manchester United has won more trophies than any other football club in England, making them the celebrated team to beat in the area.

With a remarkable record of over 20 League titles, it is no surprise that Manchester United has so many die hard fans. Like you and me.

Harry Mcguire

One of the bigger moves that Manchester United has made lately is their play to grab up Leicester City’s big name defender Harry Mcguire. While the club has set their sights on the talented player, there is still a lot of time left in the summer transfer window, so it will be no easy acquisition, even for a club as established as Manchester United.

Leicester is even offering some resistance, wanting to keep their star defender for themselves so they can build the reputation of their own club. United isn’t going to make it easy for Leicester to say no however, as they have valued the talented player at a whopping $65 million.

Bet On It

There is a lot of interest not just in where United is going for the next Premier League, but also where sports betting is going. There has been a lot of recent lifts on sports betting and deregulation, making it more open and easy to access for so many. These eased up regulations have allowed the economic rivers to begin flowing again around football, offering unique opportunities for players and fans alike.

In fact, there have been some players looking to seek sponsorship from sports betting sites. There has been a whole new crop of gamblers getting involved thanks to this deregulation. Because there is so much new money and new gamblers circulating in the scene, sites that offer good betting tips are getting a lot of traffic. With some sharp betting skills you are certain to turn a profit.

Pin it On the Penalties

In US tour news, we walked away with another victory in a game with a whopping 26 penalties against AC Milan. In a quick review of the game, Alexis Sanchez put the first points on the board in the twelfth minute, only to be quickly answered back three minutes later from Suso.

This kind of intense, back and forth battle continued on for several brutal minutes. Both teams were fighting hard for a victory, which is why they racked up so many penalties during the game. Neither side wanted to give an inch, but in the end, we would prove that they had the right stuff and come out victorious.

Manchester United continues to be a club that sets trends and the pace for England football, so be sure not to miss any of the upcoming action, as it promises to leave even veteran fans at the edge of their seats.