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We’re Being Generous

Not only we keep giving out points in the league but we also pay the team the highest wages in the world of football.

Old friends Pogba and Lingard are reunited in Man United’s first team

Good reading regarding our two in-form young players Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard over at ESPN.

Mkhitaryan and Lingard won’t start vs Feyenoord

Mkhitaryan just picked up an injury at pointless international friendly match last week and Lingard hasn’t had enough game time since the FA Cup win, yet the manager include them to the starting 11. Now the derby defeat sounds like the pair’s main fault. Well, I don’t believe that. It’s the media wants to sound like it does.

However, of course there are bad performances by the players, even the most expensive player on the planet aren’t immune to such circumstances. But I was wondering, what’s the “punishment” for a manager who pick a wrong starting 11? I am not looking for an answer, but his tactic still puzzles me.

Rashford should start and Pogba could do more

This match review is so kind it will make many United fans agreed that there were a lot of positives comes out from yesterday’s derby defeat.

I don’t disagree, but positives outcome don’t matter if your supposedly best player (Pogba) isn’t turning up and our master tactician manager strangely gamble with his starting 11 (Rashford should starts).

That said, I’m still unconvince that we’re good enough.

Big Money – How Football Clubs Actually Sign Players

“But why are player costs important? After all, it’s not our money, right. Disregarding that it kind of is our money – the huge increase in Premier League TV revenue, for example, is being paid for through Sky and BT subscription fees from UK viewers – with domestic and Uefa financial regulations, clubs are prevented from spending much more than they earn. In practice, this results in individual spending caps for each team. Understanding how clubs calculate player costs helps us to see how they really value certain players, as well as how the money is being spent, which players provide good value, and which players do not.”

Superb coverage on the business behind mega contracts at The Guardian.

Paul Pogba Individual Highlights Against Southampton

Strong skilful young lad. Glad to see him in this team.

Man United vs Southampton Highlights

What a header by Ibrahimovic after a superb Wayne Rooney’s pass that creates the first home goal of the season. The Swedish legend stole the show from Paul Pogba after scoring both of the goals in a chill summer night in Manchester.

Update: The video predictably has gone from YouTube. But thankfully the official site has posted their own well-edited highlight video to promote MUTV subscription.

Paul Pogba 1 on 1 Interview

The 23 year old French man revealed that Jose Mourinho welcoming words were:

“Welcome back. Thank you for trusting us”.

Here’s another interview with fellow French man, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry for Sky Sports:

After watching these videos, it’s clear that he has a lot of confidence and pretty “trained” for this sort of interviews, as he knows how to choose his words carefully. He’s a well-built football superstar and will surely sell a lot of merchandise.

Pogba is definitely a smart young man and I am super excited to watch his second debut in red shirt this weekend against Southampton at Old Trafford.

Paul Pogba: The inside story of the world’s most expensive footballer

Good reading over at Telegraph, “Paul Pogba: The inside story of the world’s most expensive footballer“.

The story covers Pogba’s family, his football clubs, and the neighbourhood where he grew up.

Best Players from Other Leagues


In Zlatan, Pogba and Mkhitaryan, we’ve literally signed the best players from French League, Serie A and Bundesliga.