While Manchester United has experienced some sporting difficulties since the retirement of its iconic manager Sir Alex Ferguson; the club is working behind the scenes to restructure its business model in order to maintain its financial growth. The restructuration is the secret of why many instant payday loans bad credit services in the UK are growing day by day. The direct lender services are able to restructure their business while still following payday loan regulations.

Manchester United has regularly been a pioneer in commercial innovation since the early 2000s. From regional sponsorship agreements to the marketing of visibility spaces on its training gear, to the renegotiation of more favorable agreements. With the equipment manufacturers; Manchester United’s commercial strategy has been a source of inspiration for the other giants of European football.

Indeed, for more than a year, the management of Manchester United has undertaken a major restructuring of its media department to implement its new strategy to maintain its revenue growth. This new growth strategy should rely heavily on the club’s channel, MUTV. If the launch of this media does not date from yesterday – the channel was created in 1997 – the club has however completely revised the strategy adopted around this channel of communication. Initially associated with ITV and Sky to learn the tricks of the business, Manchester United acquired its complete independence in the management of the media in 2013 by buying the shares of its two partners.

Now alone at the helm of MUTV, the management of Manchester United has announced the deployment of a project, fruit of intense reflection conducted for several years. The Mancunian club has unveiled the release of its mobile application MUTV, allowing fans around the world to access the media programs against a monthly subscription between £ 1.49 and £ 4.99.

The implementation of this new system has been accompanied by first-rate recruitment. Manchester United has managed to attract Phil Lynch, former senior executive of Yahoo and Sony Pictures, to lead the new media department of the club.

Why Manchester United put on MUTV

The choice to deploy a mobile application MUTV is not trivial. Manchester United plans to rely on industry developments to generate significant growth in media and commercial revenues from the launch of this new device.While the revenues of European clubs are still very dependent on their sports activities (TV rights, matchday receipts …), Manchester United now wants to create its own media to develop its points of contact with fans around the world. A medium that will also serve the interests of its own brand.

A change in economic model that also has repercussions at the sporting level. To generate interest through its programs, Manchester United needs to recruit players with strong marketing potential. The arrivals of Paul Pogba or Romelo Lukaku in recent seasons have met such an objective. The development of this application also allows United to “repatriate” some of its huge international social communities acquired in recent years on a communication medium that belongs to it! And the nuance is significant: Manchester United will then collect data that will be specific to users of MUTV. That’s the way it works!