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David De Gea in FIFA Team of The Year

Well deserved!

Full team:

  1. David De Gea (Manchester United)
  2. Marcelo (Real Madrid)
  3. Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)
  4. Leonardo Bonucci (AC Milan)
  5. Dani Alves (Paris Saint-Germain)
  6. N’Golo Kante (Chelsea)
  7. Luka Modric (Real Madrid)
  8. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)
  9. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
  10. Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)
  11. Lionel Messi (Barcelona).

De Gea is Staying

Mourinho, like any other sane person will, had asked the club’s board to take their rights to extend 27 year old Spaniard goal keeper’s contract for another 12 months.

That’s how you keep your best players on board.

Lingard Firing On All Cylinders for United

It is hard to argue that Jose Mourinho has underwhelmed at Manchester United since his appointment. Many at Old Trafford, from board members to supporters on the terrace, were expecting a much bigger fight for domestic glory in the Premier League, the trophy that has eluded the club since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement back in 2013.

However, despite the likelihood that, much to the club’s disgust, the Premier League title looks like it is going across the city of Manchester to Pep Guardiola and the once “noisy neighbours” at the Etihad Stadium, there is still plenty to be positive about at Old Trafford.

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Ashley Young vs Dele Alli

Ashley Young to Dele Alli: ‘When you win the Prem, let me know.’ Banter.

Young, now one of the squad’s senior player, is having the game of his life. Still prefer Luke Shaw at his prime though.

Rooney’s Career in 1 Picture

It was a sad day when he left. But who can blame him for wanting to go back to his boyhood club Everton.

Wayne Rooney will always be a Manchester United legend. It’s amazing how one can achieve so much in his life. Thank you Betfair for providing this infographic, you can check out list of football betting on their site.

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Impressive De Gea

A Liverpool fan on Twitter:

“Most annoying thing about Spain or United is that once you actually beat their defence, De Gea is stood in net and will save everything.”

Quoted at a fine piece on De Gea over at ESPN blog.

Overtrained Pogba

It is reported that United’s medical team has given a very specific training method to French midfielder Paul Pogba, to prevent similar injury he got last season.

Bad Pogba. He ignored it.

Welcome Back Zlatan!

The club announced that Zlatan Ibrahimovic pens new 1 year deal with the club and will wear no. 10 shirt.

Jose Mourinho:

“We are delighted Zlatan is on the road to recovery and we are equally delighted to have his ambition and experience back with us. After his contribution last season he deserves our trust and we will be patient waiting for him to return. I have no doubt that he will be important in the second part of the season.”

And Zlatan himself:

“I am back to finish what I started. It was always mine and the club’s intention for me to stay. I cannot wait to get back out on that Old Trafford pitch, but I also know that I have to take my time to make sure that I am ready. I have been working hard and will continue to do so to make sure I am in the best possible condition for my return to the pitch.”

So we’ve signed Lindelof, Lukaku, Matic and Ibrahimovic. Not a bad summer after all.

Zlatan Could Return as… Coach?

Club sources say Mourinho sees Ibrahimovic as a similar figure to Didier Drogba, who can offer the squad expertise and experience, but also serve as a bridge between manager and players.

Interesting development.

Premier League is the Main Target

Nemanja Matic on ESPN:

“We have to rest well because we have a very important game on Sunday against West Ham. It’s the start of the Premier League and it’s very important for us.

As you know the Premier League is the main target. There is a lot of games, it’s a long season but I expect us to do well.”

First game of the 2017/2018 season is coming as soon as this weekend. I can’t wait.

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