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We’re Shit at Home

The shitness continues. Now we draw 3 times in a row at home in the league.

I disagree with Mourinho. We can afford to pay the highest wages in the world of football. The overpaid players are just not good enough. Not unlucky.

Five Questions Mourinho Must Answer

We’re shite. But I still believe Jose Mourinho is the right person to turn things around. Moreover I agree he must able to answer these questions.

What puzzles me most is why Fellaini instead of Schneiderlin and Carrick?

Man United were Tougher, Stronger, and Uglier on the night at Anfield

Drawing away from home isn’t exactly the achievement that any United supporter should be celebrating like it’s Christmas as our last 2 visits to Anfield were perfect wins. But a solid performance is a solid performance. Mourinho was playing into Klopp’s game and it worked well, nevermind poor ball positions at 35% (the figure which Mou denies), currently the lowest in the league, when we have 99% but we can’t even shoot and trouble opposition’s goalkeepers presented by the previous manager.

On our best performers; it’s important to note, should Ibrahimovic converted his chance, which he usually does, we would take home full points. It apparently just wasn’t his night. Meanwhile Herrera was a commanding boss at deep midfield with man of the match performance and his Spaniard fellow David De Gea also pulled incredible saves, taking away 2 points from the side who currently have the time of their life.

Like Mourinho said it best:

Winning Without Wayne Rooney

Unlike his predecessors, Jose Mourinho is the first Manchester United manager post Sir Alex Ferguson who dare to drop Rooney.

I know it’s early and super easy to find a scapegoat for our rare 3 defeats in the row (worth to consider, he also dropped on our 2nd defeat). But Mourinho is getting the reward.

Rashford should start and Pogba could do more

This match review is so kind it will make many United fans agreed that there were a lot of positives comes out from yesterday’s derby defeat.

I don’t disagree, but positives outcome don’t matter if your supposedly best player (Pogba) isn’t turning up and our master tactician manager strangely gamble with his starting 11 (Rashford should starts).

That said, I’m still unconvince that we’re good enough.

Mou < Pep

It doesn’t matter how much I hate Pep Guardiola and his team because our manager’s record against him speaks for itself. In simple words: we’re not good enough.

Marcus Rashford proves Man United don’t need a No. 10 to be successful

Can we be successful and win games without the no. 10? Good analysis over at Squawka. Hope Mourinho sort this out before being tested by a strong team in Manchester derby next month.

Highlights Against Hull

The lads try hard, throw endless attacking creativities, and show never give up attitude against Mike Phelan’s stubborn 10 man defence Hull. At the end, our young Marcus Rashford delivered the goal at “Fergie time”. What a game.

It’s hard to pick a man of the match but Dailey Blind was again calm and composed protecting De Gea while his partner Eric Bailly show again why Mourinho signed him. Luke Shaw and Antonio Valencia were outstanding at full backs. Rooney and Ibrahimovic had a decent game as well.

You can watch game highlights here. Bring on Manchester derby!

Manchester United Europa League Draw


It is confirmed today that we will meet Fenerbahce, Feyenoord and Zorya Luhansk (Ukraine) in the Europa League’s group stage this season.

I am not really excited for this cup which we are participating twice in past 3 seasons. First and foremost, there’s no way I can watch it from my country because no local TV would want to take the broadcast rights. Second, because it’s a “second-rate” European cup. Although, a win means a trophy. I’m a slut, so I’ll take it. 🙂

This draw is pretty special though for ex-Red’s favourite player Robin Van Persie, who helped us getting the #20 EPL medal, as he returns to both Manchester United and Feyenoord. I am sure he will be welcomed in Old Trafford by the home fans.

Complete group stage matches embeded below. You can get fixture updates for free on your calendar via this link.

Paul Pogba Individual Highlights Against Southampton

Strong skilful young lad. Glad to see him in this team.

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