Records are made to be broken, however, some certainly more likely than others to be broken. We have compiled a list of World Cup records that may never be broken. Do you agree? Leave your comments below. You may want to have your own bet on the World Cup with France the strong favourites with Betfair to lift the title.

So, in reverse order, here’s our list:

10) Highest attendance at a World Cup match

Officially the highest attendance in a FIFA World Cup match is 173,830 in the Estadio de Maracanã in 1950. However, it is believed that the actual figure was nearer 200,000. This is a record unlikely to be broken now with the all-seater stadiums.

Fans watch the 1950 World Cup final between Brazil and Uruguay.

9) Youngest coach to manage a World Cup side

This record dates back to 1930 and is held by Argentina’s Juan Jose Tramutola. Incredibly, he took charge of the side at just 27 years and 267 days of age: this was in their opening game against France. This is very unlikely to be broken due to the fact that managers in modern times are highly experienced, so a manager taking his national team to the World Cup at such a young age is unlikely to ever happen again.

8) Winning the World Cup in their first appearance

Another record that is very unlikely to be broken again. With most sides having already participated in a World Cup it looks set that Italy and Uruguay will remain as the only sides to have won in their debut tournament. Qatar could break it as they host the 2022 competition but this would go down as the greatest upset in sporting history.

7) Biggest margin of victory in a World Cup qualifying match

A record that dates back to the 2002 qualifiers and is held by Australia. This was an astonishing 31-0 victory over American Samoa. This is the stuff of nightmares for any side and there was a goal scored around every 3 minutes. Unless Brazil play against a local Sunday league side this record should remain intact.

6) Youngest referee to officiate in a World Cup

The role of referee is another kept for more experienced individuals meaning it is unlikely to be broken. This is held by Spain’s Juan Gardeazabal from the 1958 World Cup: at just 24 years and 193 days old this is an incredible achievement considering that the youngest referee at the current World Cup is Al Jassum Abdulrahman of Qatar who is 30 years of age.

5) Youngest player in a World Cup final

Set by the legend that is Pele at the 1958 World Cup final. At just 17 years and 249 days old he participated in the final against Sweden, incredibly scoring a brace as he helped Brazil win their first World Cup. This was the first key indication that Pele was destined for greatness. This video shows his goals scored throughout the record breaking competition.

With Harry Kane leading the way to the Golden Boot this is a record in the spotlight. However it is going to take a monumental effort for Kane to surpass Just Fontaine. The Frenchman netted 13 goals in 1958 with no player in recent times getting close. Even the Brazilian superstar Ronaldo couldn’t, his best being 8, in the 2002 World Cup. I think Kane would be more than happy being a Golden Boot winner at his first World Cup.

3) Most World Cup winner’s medals

Another record set by the Brazilian legend Pele. He remarkably has three World Cup winner’s medals having been part of the 1958, 1962 and 1970 World Cup winning sides. The fact that he only played at four World Cups just shows the impact he had on the teams, including his starring role at just 17 years of age.

2) Most tournaments as captain

A record set at the current championships by the Mexican veteran Rafael Marquez. He is a legend of the side and has captained them at a remarkable five World Cups: it will take a phenomenal career from a player to replicate or even surpass.

1) Latest goal in regular time

The final record is one set by Brazil’s current poster boy Neymar. This was in their clash with Costa Rica in the group stage where they looked set to share the points before a late turn around. Firstly a 91st minute winner from Coutinho followed by Neymar’s record breaking 97th minute goal which can be seen in the video below. Many punters World Cup betting tips were on Brazil before the tournament began but they failed to progress through to the final.