Winning Without Wayne Rooney

Unlike his predecessors, Jose Mourinho is the first Manchester United manager post Sir Alex Ferguson who dare to drop Rooney.

I know it’s early and super easy to find a scapegoat for our rare 3 defeats in the row (worth to consider, he also dropped on our 2nd defeat). But Mourinho is getting the reward.

Three Points for Everyone!!!

I, like many other United fans, and the three fine gentlemen in the video below, have no idea what’s happening. It seem as though Christmas comes very early that we’re giving out 9 points in the last 3 matches.

The club have new manager with superb reputation, several new players including the most expensive player in the planet. But then, we can’t even beat Watford.

Anyway, as our captain continue to rot, I am glad to see Marcus Rashford keep his top performance going. He’s the only positive, if there is any, from our performance last weekend.

Captain Wayne Rooney is, sadly, rotting

Seems like his years on top take their toll now he’s getting older. Good reading over at The Guardian.

Manchester United become first British side to record revenue of more than £500m in a single year

That’s a lot of money. Details here.

Mkhitaryan and Lingard won’t start vs Feyenoord

Mkhitaryan just picked up an injury at pointless international friendly match last week and Lingard hasn’t had enough game time since the FA Cup win, yet the manager include them to the starting 11. Now the derby defeat sounds like the pair’s main fault. Well, I don’t believe that. It’s the media wants to sound like it does.

However, of course there are bad performances by the players, even the most expensive player on the planet aren’t immune to such circumstances. But I was wondering, what’s the “punishment” for a manager who pick a wrong starting 11? I am not looking for an answer, but his tactic still puzzles me.

Rashford should start and Pogba could do more

This match review is so kind it will make many United fans agreed that there were a lot of positives comes out from yesterday’s derby defeat.

I don’t disagree, but positives outcome don’t matter if your supposedly best player (Pogba) isn’t turning up and our master tactician manager strangely gamble with his starting 11 (Rashford should starts).

That said, I’m still unconvince that we’re good enough.

Mou < Pep

It doesn’t matter how much I hate Pep Guardiola and his team because our manager’s record against him speaks for itself. In simple words: we’re not good enough.

Bastian Schweinsteiger Left Out from the Squad

After being named in the Premier League squad, apparently the German legend left out in Europa League.

I really like him. He is one of the leader on and off field for the team. But I think he’ll be gone soon. Sad.

Fellaini Helps Women Crushed During Goal Celebration

While everyone busy celebrating, the big Belgium midfielder spotted a women crushed during the celebration and rushes to help her.

Quick thinking and empathic respond. Top lad!

Marouane Fellaini suffers ‘bad’ back injury

We wouldn’t care if this happened 3 months ago. However, time has changed. Marouane Fellaini is definitely one of our stand out defensive performer so far.

I guess it’s a perfect time for Ander Herrera, Morgan Schneiderlin or Michael Carrick to show what they can do, step up and fight to fill the Belgian’s position.

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